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  • Find what you're looking for. With over 3.2 million obsolete and surplus electronic parts and computer hardware items in our database, it's easy to find what you need.
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  • Boost traffic from end users. Increase profit margins when selling parts and computer hardware directly to end users instead of brokerage firms.
  • Improve visibility and branding. By listing your inventory according to part number and manufacturer, your company's surplus parts are shown in more search results.
  • Enhance search engine traffic. Because the parts and computer hardware you've listed on SearchlightTech can be found via popular search engines, your items get exposure to a global audience.
  • Increase contact with viable buyers. Through email, phone or Web RFQs, you'll receive additional traffic from qualified buyers who are genuinely interested in the surplus and obsolete electronic parts you offer.
  • Select from packages starting as low as $49 per month.

SearchlightTech Featured Articles

Determining Factors for choosing semiconductor suppliers

by Schuyler Glidden SG Industries Inc. ISO 9002

Schuyler Glidden In the past several years one large issue seems to have crept into the supply chain of OEMs and EMS providers. Specifically, substandard or even re-marked semiconductor devices – imitations that do not meet the fit, form, and function of the part number. The volume of these substandard parts has increased due to EMS cost saving initiatives and quick-turn artists responding to spot shortages. Fly-by-night, ethically challenged Chinese suppliers are the primary sources of these goods. American/Canadian re-sellers then promote these parts at discounted prices. In many cases the smaller re-seller has no idea that these parts will not meet the product specification. ...continue

One distributor's reaction to global change

The Gray Market from the Perspective of an Independent Distributor In today's fast-paced markets, all organizations are being forced to adapt and change as a result of global conditions. Most recently, the worldwide semiconductor distribution and manufacturing network has been impacted by RoHS, WEEE, and multiple other pending environmental regulations. These sweeping laws, backed by governments around the world, will forever change the way that OEM's, CEM's, and distributors conduct business. ...continue

The Gray Market from the Perspective of an Independent Distributor

The Gray Market from the Perspective of an Independent Distributor Gray market sales of IT and electronics products have been on the rise for several years now. Gray market refers to "the flow of new goods through distribution channels other than those authorized or intended by the manufacturer or producer". While this increase in gray market sales of IT and electronics products is viewed by many as problematic and requiring immediate attention, if one assumes a free market "where the price of an item is arranged by the mutual non-coerced consent of sellers and buyers, with the supply and demand of that item not being regulated by a government", clearly there are companies benefiting from this so an increase in activity is not surprising. As independent distributors ("independents") usually get lumped in with the gray market, the goal of this paper is to examine the role independents play in the electronic component distribution market as well as explore some reasons for why components are now more widely available outside the franchise distribution ("franchises") channel. ...continue

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